With a variety of timbres and a sensitive mix of instrumental and vocal arrangements, the musicians of KLANGLYS (in German: KLANGLICHT) share their passion for jazz harmonies, rhythmic ostinatos and natural sound patterns in various formations.

With their indi­vid­ual back­grounds, they devel­op mul­ti­col­ored, styl­is­ti­cal­ly new sound worlds. Band­leader and com­pos­er Johannes Käs­bach sees him­self as a kind of musi­cal archi­tect who pro­vides a con­cept in which all musi­cians con­tribute equal­ly with their char­ac­ter and impro­vi­sa­tion. His per­son­al pref­er­ence for side instru­ments — from gui­tar to vio­lin — and the human voice are equal­ly influential.

Hear­ing, mak­ing you feel and touch, that’s Johannes Käsbach!

From the ear and every­thing that has to do with sound, the doc­tor of acoustics, jazz gui­tarist and com­pos­er fas­ci­nates and nav­i­gates his band and his audi­ence through a world of music and lan­guages,  telling  sto­ries and reflect­ing thoughts that reflect life’s deci­sions and pri­or­i­ties, that’s his music. He devel­ops cross-styl­is­tic com­po­si­tions and, like an archi­tect, builds har­mo­nious and melod­ic sound struc­tures to linger and cre­ate dreams, just like his band KLANGLYS. For him, mak­ing things tan­gi­ble and touch­able includes the use of images, light and col­or, such as draw­ing land­scapes through which the hear­ing audi­ence can roam and walk and which glide rhyth­mi­cal­ly across con­ti­nents like dances.

Inter­ac­tion with the band and audi­ence is impor­tant to Johannes Käs­bach because he has a mis­sion, music for every­one and with everyone.

Born in Lev­erkusen Ger­many, the ver­sa­tile musi­cian, com­pos­er and arranger stud­ied with a master’s and doc­tor­al degree in acoustics and hear­ing research, also at the Ham­burg Con­ser­va­to­ry and at the Cen­ter Des Musiques Didi­er Lock­wood (CMDL) in Paris. He even­tu­al­ly set­tled in Den­mark, where he found­ed KLANGLYS in 2019. “IN HINDSIGHT” the debut album was released in Octo­ber 2021 by GATEWAY MUSIC pro­duced by Mr Cheese­brook Productions.

KLANGLYS’ reg­u­lar cast includes:
Johannes Käs­bach — gui­tar, vocals, com­po­si­tions, arrange­ments, pro­duc­tion
Woj­ciech Morelows­ki — trum­pet
Anders Hell­born — bass
Bruno Tagliasac­chi Masia — drums, vibraphone

Fea­tur­ing musi­cians:
Alfk­il Thor­b­jørn Wen­ner­mark — vio­lin
Sebas­t­ian Zawadz­ki — piano
Cecilie Strange — tenor sax­o­phone
Julie Lalle­ment — vocals
Pet­ter Moen – vocals